Reporting & analysis for cheese producers

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  • Yield_Manager measures yield across your entire product range, accounting for all variants and complexities, and optimises the use of raw materials, reduces waste and maximises your profit margins. Performance can then be managed by comparing actual results against criteria, and identifies any inefficiencies in your cheese production process.
  • Margin_manager provides a detailed breakdown of costs, automates calculations to ensure that cheese producers have accurate and up-to-date information. Set product benchmarks to avoid overspending and understand where savings can be made, and have pricing from raw materials to packaging and finished product. Cheese producers can review existing priced and cost against actual and forecast sales volumes.
  • real-time costing
  • sales analysis
  • total traceability
  • grade analysis
  • Assess and dissect measured results, including yield, throughput and product giveaway in real-time with our business analysis module.
  • The dashboard provides complete visibility across the processing cycle and an accurate view of the factory floor. The production cycle can be configured to according to required data, by process, department to monitor specific performance. Problems can be readily identified, resolved, resulting in improved productivity.
  • You need to continuously monitor productivity and performance within your cheese business. With our Key performance indicators (KPIs) module you will gain and accurate, real-time view of performance to identify trends, and readily identify and rectify any issues. When used in conjunction with our benchmarking module business specific targets can be set to measure and assess performance.
  • packaging waste management