Abattoir management

With strict and extensive legislation governing abattoir management, it’s essential to have complete traceability in place. At Systems Integration, we understand the intricacies of livestock operations and our abattoir management software has been specifically designed for this challenging operational environment.

Our Integreater software can manage every stage of your abattoir operations. From the moment the livestock arrives at the abattoir, it ensures accurate information is recorded at every stage, in real-time, including:https://sifoodsoftware.com/sectors/meat-livestock/abattoir-management-blog/

Cattle passports need to be scanned, veterinary conditions and lairages need to be recorded.

Integreater’s abattoir management software has been developed to manage all of these stages.  Our Kill Schedule module enables profiles to be created that break the kill quantity down, by percentages and by specification and also creates weekly schedules based on the daily profiles.

Integreater also uses the Eurogrid grading system and incorporates our own livestock payment system.

“We are now 100% sure that MHS health information is accurately attributable to the correct animal and correct batch of animals.

“In conjunction with our other systems, this allows our producers to benchmark performance of healthy animals against animals which have some health issues.”
John Craig, Operations Director, AK Stoddart.

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Within an abattoir, the only effective way to deliver automation is by the application of specialist software rather than standard MES or ERP systems. For any abattoir considering an upgrade to existing livestock systems and further automation, our food productivity experts are here to help. We already supply some of the largest meat producers throughout the UK, Canada and USA with reliable and state-of-the-art livestock systems.

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