Boning hall real-time planning and visibility

With Integreater you business will gain real-time visibility of everything that is happening in your boning hall.

When carcasses are placed into chillers from the previous stage in your process, our boning hall planning software allows you to plan your boning requirements based on primal and retail pack demand. Whether it’s checking the yield, reviewing progress against the plan, or assessing boning staff performance, Integreater provides you with the real-time data to analyse performance.

Traceability data with integrity

Real-time data capture, delivered by Integreater, will ensure that you have the level of traceability to enable mistakes to be eliminated, particularly those that often occur when carcasses are first brought through for boning. Real-time data capture will provide you with traceability that proves your end users’ requirements and regulations have been met.

It’s as simple as plan, adjust and publish.

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Reporting & Analysis