With 24 years’ service, Mike is one of the original members of the team at SI (Systems Integration).

“When I joined SI, it was very early days for the product. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve been able to help shape things from the foundations upwards; to implement, support and develop the product from the beginning.”

“Over the years I’ve worked at many customer sites throughout the UK, USA and Portugal. As a result, I’ve gained in depth knowledge of the food productivity industry; I’ve been able to apply my experience to help further develop our products and services.”

As the company grew Mike took on responsibility for the Support department. Due to his unique knowledge of how the company and product has evolved, Mike then progressed into a new role focused on company-wide process improvement, performance evaluation and inter-departmental co-operation.  Now, in his new role as Chief Operating Officer, Mike has taken charge of continuous improvement across the company.

Outside of challenges of work, football is a regular feature in his life. “My two boys play football at a good level and my wife is a club secretary. But when I’m not on the sidelines, I’m just as happy watching the 4 o’clock Sunday kick off in the pub with friends.”