Rob founded SI (Systems Integration) in 1992. He had already gained a wealth of expertise in the food sector, after successive senior operational roles, and from this insight he knew the shortcomings of the mainstream ERP and MES solutions.

“I was frustrated by the number of systems I reviewed where claims were made that they had been fine tuned for food productivity and could address all operational issues. But the reality was, they couldn’t”.

“It was clear to me that unless software had been specifically designed for the sector by people who really understood the complexities of every operational stage, then it would never be an effective solution for sites I managed.”

With his tacit knowledge of the intricacies of the industry, processes and issues, Rob established SI and with a team of experts, developed a whole new solution that was fit for purpose. With his new product suite, Integreater, food productivity companies now have the comfort of a solution developed just for their market, delivered by experts who truly understand the customers’ challenges.