Business Analysis

The problem

Management understand the importance of business analysis, but rarely get chance to undertake this critical task.

Business analysis is not traditionally viewed as being part of the processing cycle. It’s often performed on an ad-hoc basis, usually a last minute scrabble around audit time – or on the rare occasions when management have a spare moment.

The solution

Integreater® ensures that this important task becomes part of the processing cycle. It works by integrating with your production network to automate the continuous measurement and analysis of essential data.

Processors are able to quickly and easily dissect any measured result, including yield, throughput, product giveaway and pack-fill. Information can be viewed in real time, or for a specific date/time range.

The result

Integreater® takes all the hard work out of business analysis, providing management with the knowledge and visibility to make informed decisions and set realistic objectives.

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