Paper QA holding you back? Move up to automated QA that always works

Integreater QA and traceability excels at shop floor quality assurance and control within the food production environment.

This is the reason that leading food production companies, such as Faccenda Foods, have invested in our specialist software, Integreater, driven by shop floor data capture.  As our customers tell us, it’s a very proactive and reassuring way of managing traceability QA. 

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Set questions as mandatory or optional, for meaningful results every time
View results across multiple procedures
Select the data input methods that best suit your operations
Data capture managed through a wide range of devices
Achieve rapid access to audit and traceability information
Automatically flag up non-conformances and take remedial action
Visualise data in real-time with active dashboards.

Other features include:

  • Filter results to focus on the most meaningful historical data
  • Eliminate requirement to re-key information
  • Customise flexible and interlinked reports, to reflect your own procedures

Always be audit ready

Auditing and checking for non-conformances is always problematic, if you’re reliant on a paper trail. Forms cannot prove process conformance, or if the correct number of checks are being performed at the right time.

“Many factories are still reliant on QA check sheets to record status whenever the QA’s walk the floor.” explained Rob Stephens, SI’s Managing Director. “What results is piles of paperwork. When they’re audited, it can take days to prove that all the checks have been performed. For non-conformances, they’ve got to find evidence that they’ve addressed them. It’s a very reactive way of doing things.”

Integreater electronically collects and stores information and automatically flags up any issues. It shows how many checks are being performed, when they are happening and identifies any non-conformances. It’s a very proactive way of managing QA and traceability.

Integreater provides a clear view of what’s being done, whether there’s anything that can be improve upon and, in terms of real traceability and looking at what you do, everything is instant because the information is already in place and available to be viewed.”

TQM and Right First Time

Any investment in ERP should consider how it will better enable TQM and support Right First Time methodologies, to both save time and improve accuracy. Whilst data capture will track the progress of your products, you need the rigour within quality assurance checks to track specifics such as moisture levels at different stages. Integreater QA provides that level of assurance.