Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The problem

Downtime is a major difficulty for any manufacturer because it has a negative impact on productivity. It is particularly problematic for food processing businesses as it cuts into already small profit margins.

Most businesses are aware that there are issues causing downtime, but it’s difficult for the reasons to be singularly identified to site management or engineers. Even if a section is being monitored, collating the information into a meaningful set of data is very time consuming.

The solution

Integreater® gives you the knowledge and visibility to identify exactly what is causing production downtime. It provides a detailed view of productivity on a machine, process and departmental level.

The e-MES enables management to set business-specific targets, then records production data to assess performance against these criteria.

Electronic data management allows operators to quickly and easily record any issues or problems, as well as the reason why they occurred. Management can then identify and rectify any inefficiencies, enabling them to streamline their production process.

Integreater® can be programmed to capture whatever information is most relevant to each business, including the line number, stop/ start time and reason. A simple chart then displays the amount of production time being lost at each stage of the processing cycle. This enables management to easily identify any trends in faulty machines or processes.

The result

Management are able to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. This will optimise order fulfilment and service level, as well as profit margins

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