Available To Sell

For food processors, reactive rather than proactive planning is the norm.  Invariably, the retail forecast won’t match the order reality. Your customers needs are constantly changing, and no two days present the same end requirement for production.  That’s why SI developed Available to Sell.

Available to Sell shows a real-time view of stock levels, based on raw material and orders received.  The moment your production plan changes, or a new order is received, Available to Sell is automatically updated.

The system uses simple colour-code technology to ensure 100% visibility of stock volume, location, age and value. It is also possible to analyse and segregate production using run numbers, enabling operators to isolate any problematic batches with ease. Management have far more control and disruption is contained, reducing any negative impact on the production cycle.

Electronic data management promotes informed decision-making, planning and forecasting. This is supported by touch-screen technology, enabling processors to easily view information on live and future stock, as well as the actual and unconfirmed orders to be satisfied.

Food processors have the vision and knowledge to achieve effective planning and stock management. Operators can instantly view what raw materials are on site and the sales team always have an accurate view of stock availability. Businesses are able to optimise order fulfilment and be best prepared to cope with last-minute order changes.