Dry Goods Management

The problem

An extensive product range, specification changes and promotional activity can be problematic for the dry goods team at any food processing business. There is no accountability of lost stock or issued quantities. It is also hard to predict delivery forecasts in alignment with production demands.

These conditions mean that trying to manage the dry goods function can prove costly, as it often requires additional labour, last minute adjustments and sourcing.

The solution

Integreater® from SI Food Software enables the dry goods and packaging functions to be easily managed. The software accounts for existing stock position and forecasted deliveries. It also uses expected finished goods sales to predict ongoing requirements.

Integreater® allows operators to issue product in real time, so that stock is displayed online. In addition, the stock take facility can be implemented to create weekly usage figures. Multiple warehouses, locations and sites are also catered for – including product transfers.

Unlimited reporting means that management have access to detailed information regarding dry goods and packaging materials. This includes a feature which enables users to visualise the amount of packaging.

The result

Integreater® enables food processors to gain total control of their packaging and dry goods functions. This is achieved by enabling operators to have complete visibility of stock levels, location, age, when an item is due to be despatched, what has been under-delivered against supplier, where and when an item was issued and by whom.

Integreater® works by applying the bill of materials to finished or inprocess products. This means that accountability of stock is available, whatever its physical state may be. This is then referenced against projected sales that are based on finished products, enabling users to return packaging commitments in accordance with wastage regulations.

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