Food Production Planning – designed for the way your business works

SI understands how complicated production planning and scheduling can be within the food industry. Every day, you need to understand how to fulfil orders, how to best manage production and what’s available to ship out to customers.

Integreater delivers everything you need to manage you food production processes; from factory shop floor through to order completion and despatch. It provides a real-time view of scheduling, dynamic planning and allows you to make last minute changes, no matter when they happen during the day. With Integreater you can identify live issues and calculate the knock-on effects to production time and lines, raw materials, crew, packaging requirements and even vehicle departure times.

SI designed Integreater to cope with the complex challenges that are an every day norm in the food processing industry. Managing perishable raw materials, dealing with overstock that will quickly go out of date go out of date or the pressure of finding ways to meet customer orders when too little stock is available; it even automatically logs machine breakdowns.

Integreater allows users to plan daily production in seconds – including labour, raw material and packaging requirements. It automatically calculates what needs to be produced by accounting for the finished goods that are already on site. There’s no need to manually calculate raw material and packaging requirements either, as this is also automated.

Automate your crewing plan

Planners can set crewing levels against jobs and lines and it will automatically calculate the total crew requirement across production. Users can easily set planned breaks, wash downs, scheduled maintenance and change overs.

Integreater will also account for the scheduled departure times of depot delivery vehicles and identifies if the current production plan will meet these important deadlines. This is live, so the effects of any delays are immediately visible. If necessary, planners can easily split production runs between lines so that orders can be despatched on time.

With Integreater, the complex planning process automated and a daily plan can be produced in under a minute. Planners are able to easily make updates instantly see the knock-on effects that any changes will have. The software is also clever enough to suggest corrective action.