Packaging Waste Manager

The problem

The government has challenged retailers to reduce their carbon footprint. To meet legislation, they are required to monitor their packaging waste levels and provide evidence to regulators.

Retailers therefore need detailed and accurate information regarding the packaging used for their stock.This data is often required within short time frames and unfortunately for their suppliers, the manual collation of paper records can be time consuming and susceptible to error.

The solution

Integreater’s Packaging Waste Regulation Manager has been designed to allow processors to systematically track the packaging they supply to their retail clients. The programme uses electronic data management to automate the analysis, collation and distribution of all necessary information.

The result

Retailers are able to comply with legislation and suppliers benefit from a reduced carbon footprint.

As the environment is an issue which is set to grow in importance, Integreater® allows processors to demonstrate that they are prepared to meet any future challenges with ease. It also gives retailers the reassurance that suppliers are investing in their relationship. This is particularly important for businesses operating in such a highly competitive sector.

Download Packaging Waste Regulation Manager factsheet