Stock & Order Control

At Systems Integration, we see stock and order control as a three-step process:
1. Raw material. As finished goods orders constantly change, manage your procurement and stock in real-time, tackling overstocking and avoiding date issues.
2. Work in progress. Know what products you have, what to make, and when orders change, the adjustments to make.
3. Finished goods. Be in control to meet demand, whilst preventing stock going out of date, being downgraded, traded or even destroyed.

When customers want to increase orders, it’s imperative to understand whether the right raw materials are available to fulfil the order. And when orders are decreased, processors will need to determine what to do with the surplus stock. SI’s Stock and Order software, part of our planning suite, visualises the current and future raw material stock positions for your business.

The Stock & Order control dashboard will present on a daily basis:

  • current and future sales orders demand
  • what stock is due to be received
  • what stock is due to be produced (boning halls)
  • when stock will be going out of date
  • when stock is coming into date (post maturation)
  • when stock is consumed by demand (production assumed)
  • when stock has expired.

With Integreater® your fresh produce business will have the data transparency to deal with all your customer orders, no matter how much notice you are given. Every part of your business will be connected so that everyone has the information they need, whenever they need it and in a way they prescribe. And, as it highlights any potential production fulfilment issues, your procurement team have the information to hand to know when to order materials and how best to react to changing requirements.

With the real-time data capture within Integreater® you will be able to analyse the intelligence, make informed decisions; you will understand whether to order more stock, if you need to sell the excess stock to another business and how cut wastage to a minimum.