Need to reduce giveaway on fixed weight products, improve yield and achieve better scheduling?

In the UK, more than 70% of manufacturers have adopted overfill to ensure compliance with legislation; the inevitable consequence hits the bottom line for all these businesses.

Accurate measurement of product yield is critical for any food processing business to optimise raw material, reduce waste and maximise profit margins. Unfortunately, tight profit margins mean that even a slight miscalculation can lead to a loss, with large production runs often magnifying the problem.

Our Yield and Giveaway Management applications:
  • measure yield for your entire product rage accounting for all variants and complexities
  • allow yield specifications to be set for each and every product.
  • measure performance by comparing actual results against these criteria, and immediately alerting operators to any discrepancies.

With a the real-time view of transactions provided by Yield Manager, companies can identify where profit and loss is being made, whether on individual or grouped items.

Any inefficiencies can be immediately targeted, including any individual errors that may have occurred whilst issuing and returning raw materials to different groups and areas.