Accuracy assured – Despatch Tracker

At Systems Integration, we’ve worked hard to find ways to overcome the daily challenges within order picking and despatch. In collaboration with leading food processors, we’ve developed a solution that cuts credits by removing human error and ensuring what’s ordered is delivered.

With our Despatch Tracker app, we’ve integrated barcode technology throughout the production, pick, pack and despatch cycle to provide the assurance that what’s being delivered will be correct and will match your sales orders.

With SI’s Despatch Tracker managing your picking and despatch:

  • Picking staff can scan each product or pack and know when the collated order can be registered as 100% complete
  • Working in real time, and with continual updates, full visibility is provided of where you are in the order assembly and despatch cycle.
  • Display the progress of picking against orders due to be shipped
  • Automatically produce case end labels for each box, comprising customer details, addresses, and other specific details, such as brand related information
  • Have access to real-time shop-floor data, to provide a customer with all the evidence needed to prove traceability
  • Minimise issues with stock rotations and shelf life management.

The solution

 This means that orders can be manipulated in a number of configurable formats, including order/picking sheets and tracker views. Reports can then be received by the despatch department in print or electronic format, either through a PC or wireless PDA device.

Integreater® allows despatch operators to remain mobile by continually feeding real time updates to their PDA devices. Information includes the correct stock to pick, its location (based on product description) and shelf life availability.

To improve accuracy and efficiency, products are assigned to an order through barcode scanning. Integreater® has a function which enables operators to despatch whole pallets by simply scanning one barcode. Individual units can also be transferred from these pallets, retaining their unique trace code.

To meet your individual business needs, responsibility for order releases can be restricted and despatch documentation can also be customised.

The result

Total control enables processors to achieve complete accuracy and efficiency, helping management to improve service levels and minimise losses. The order processing and despatch cycle becomes visible, accessible and easy to manipulate. This results in accurate despatch against orders, less internal wastage and reduced delivery claims.

Despatch Tracker software allows management to monitor and respond to issues proactively and accommodate any sudden changes. In addition, despatch operatives are able to manage everything from their pocket PC devices, making them more efficient.

Despatch Tracker features

Despatch Tracker is a web-based tool which allows operators to view data from anywhere using an internet connection

  • review business performance off-site
  • real time updates for complete visibility
  • information available on one screen for easy access
  • drill into the item to view the detail of the despatch note, loadout information and related order data
  • Despatch Tracker interfaces with other Integreater modules and third party solutions.
  • Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel

Download Despatch & Tracker factsheet