Livestock management software

The problem

Strict and extensive legislation is one of the toughest challenges currently facing abattoir management. As it is essential to demonstrate complete traceability, slaughter houses must ensure the accurate identification, selection, weighing, grading and labelling of all livestock and carcasses. It is also vital that they correctly record and disclose any veterinary conditions.

The solution

Integreater’s livestock management software ensures that traceability becomes part of the business cycle in any abattoir. It enables real time monitoring, capturing livestock data from delivery right through to despatch.

Integreater’s web based Livestock Tracker measures important factory floor data, ensuring that management have complete visibility and control of the slaughter process. To support operations, the Bookings, Management and Payments system automates complex and time consuming administrative tasks.

The result

Our livestock management software ensures that abattoirs have an accurate view of their Kill Line, alerting operators to any potential issues. This enables staff to act quickly and contain any problems, minimising disruption.

Integreater® has been developed to ensure that businesses meet important industry legislation, helping them to avoid penalties and fines.

Electronic data management enables abattoirs to easily provide evidence to relevant authorities, even within short time frames. Integreater® is also compatible with most commonly used business software, ensuring information is provided in a suitable format.

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What our customers say…

We are now 100% sure that MHS health information gathered is accurately attributable to the correct animal (let alone the correct batch of animals, as is required by the legislation). In conjunction with other systems which we had in place already, this allows our producers to benchmark performance of healthy animals against animals which have perhaps had some health issues, primarily fluke, which is a massive issue for producers in our catchment area.
John Craig, Operations Director, A.K. Stoddart