Outer Case Marker (OCM)

The problem

Food processors produce cases of product which need to be weighed, labelled and shipped efficiently. They need an affordable solution which is easy to maintain, but can cope with their specific business requirements.

In terms of functionality, management need to be able to set product selection screens to their own specification. Users also need to be able to add and remove products, as well as group them into colour coded categories and produce high quality labels.

The solution

Integreater’s OCM is high quality and durable. The standard model comes with a variable-height frame, mast, load cell and touchscreen, as well as a printer and scale indicator. The unit is provided fully assembled and can be tailored to your specifications. For example, you may want additional printers, an IP65 rated printer garage, or a swing arm for the screen.

The touchscreen is used for running Integreater’s OCM software, which will provide you with all of the functionality that you need. Once we have built the unit and configured it to your specifications, we will design any labels that you require and set up your products on the system. The unit will then be shipped to you and one of our engineers will install it, test it and provide training at both operator and administrator levels.

The result

Operators are able to accurately weigh and label products, with speed and ease.
Production quantities for each product are sent to the OCMs on the factory floor. This information is grouped by run number, so that target quantities and progress can be displayed on the touchscreen. Operators will now know how many cases are outstanding for each run, as well as what has been completed. This enables your business to improve traceability, organisation, productivity and efficiency.

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