Outer Case Marker (OCM)

At Systems Integration, our integrated and robust approach to automated labelling ensures that the detail on the retail pack label always matches each product as it progresses down the line.

With centrally managed data automatically informing weight price labellers, outer case markers are always accurately configured.

“Our weigh price labellers and Outer Case (OCM) labelling systems are now centrally managed through our planning and scheduling team. By doing so, we have delivered 100% consistency in label design and integrity across all 15 production lines.” Faccenda Foods

Our software even verifies that all label barcodes are scannable and, through integration with third party vision systems, extra labelling validation is available with photographic evidence.

OCMs built to work in your environment

Integreater’s OCM is high quality and durable. It comprises a variable-height frame, mast, load cell and touchscreen, as well as a printer and scale indicator. The unit is provided fully assembled and can be tailored to your specifications, such as additional printers or a swing arm for the screen.

When combined with our OCM software, the touchscreen will provide you with all the features you need to ensure 100% labelling integrity.

The OCM will be configured to your specifications, including specific branded designs that are required. One of our expert team will install, test and provide training at both operator and administrator levels.

Product selection screens can be set up to your own specification. Users can add or remove products, and also  group them into colour coded categories.

100% accuracy in labelling and integrity? Achieved.

With our automated labelling and OCM, operators can to accurately weigh and label products, with both speed and ease.

  • As each production quantity, for each product, is sent to the OCMs on the factory floor, the information is grouped by run number.
  • The target quantities and progress are displayed on the touchscreen.
  • Operators will know how many cases are outstanding for each run and what has been completed.