Production Monitoring

The problem

Monitoring the production cycle is a challenge for any food processing business. Producers have to deal with short product life and lead times – whilst accounting for differing raw materials, customer specifications and product variants.

Poor visibility of the processing cycle can mean that management fail to identify inefficiencies and inaccuracies. If problems are left to escalate, this has a negative impact on productivity, order- fulfilment and costs.

Poor production monitoring can cause small issues to escalate, which can lead to product recalls and fines, damaged customer relationships and negative press.

The solution

Integreater’s monitoring tool ensures visibility across the production and despatch functions. It enables processors to view essential data on produce that has been issued to the production floor, as well as any returns. Management can also monitor quality conformance and raw material receipts.

Integreater® ensures that management have a real-time view of each function within the processing cycle. Its monitoring tool continuously records and analyses performance data, ensuring that operators have an accurate view of production. This enables processors to measure results against business-specific benchmarks and plans.

Operators are alerted to any problems, enabling them to take immediate action to minimise disruption. Complete traceability ensures that processors can pin-point exactly which products will be affected by a quality control issue, significantly reducing upheaval, waste and cost.

The result

Integreater® ensures complete visibility and traceability throughout the production cycle. This enables processors to monitor each function within their business, measuring the data they feel is most critical to performance. Electronic data management ensures producers have the knowledge to effectively identify, isolate and rectify any problems. This enables them to achieve greater accuracy and efficiency.

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