Production Tracker

The Problem

Food processors face a series of unique challenges that make production control difficult. Management have to deal with short product life and tight operating margins, as well as the numerous complexities associated with each customer and product.

A time-pressured production environment often means that problems are only identified once orders have been despatched. If processors fail to effectively track production, it can ultimately lead to fines, product recalls, damaged customer relationships and negative press.

The Solution

Integreater® enables processors to monitor and control each stage of the production cycle. It automatically provides information on what has been received, issued or returned in the raw material area – as well as what has been booked into stock or finished goods. The tracking tool monitors product giveaway, comparing actual or ‘catch’ weight to fixed-weight specifications.

Integreater® enables processors to view results in real time, or for a specific time/date range. Production run numbers also enable management to precisely pin-point any issues, providing them with the knowledge and understanding to rectify problems as soon as possible. This promotes a proactive management culture and significantly improves reaction lead-times.

The Result

By monitoring critical data for each processing function, Integreater® enables businesses to have complete visibility of their production cycle. Its tracking tool provides processors with the knowledge and understanding to effectively plan. This ensures management can make improvements to achieve greater accuracy, efficiency and profitability.

Major Benefits

  • increased visibility
  • real-time data
  • improved efficiency
  • effective trouble-shooting
  • greater accuracy
  • 100% traceability
  • improved emergency management

Product Features

  • electronic data management
  • real-time view
  • data export functions
  • automated analysis and calculations
  • customised filtering options
  • ‘drill down’ function for detailed analysis

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