Stock Tracker

The Problem

In a perishable goods processing business, the accuracy of stock management data quickly and directly affects profit margins.

Companies traditionally apply significant and costly manual resources to collect a snap shot of the stock at a particular point in time, the benefit of which is degraded by the effect of continual fluctuation.

This makes stock data expensive to collect, quickly redundant, prone to inaccuracy and with regards to profit margins, self defeating.

The Solution

The management of short shelf-life products and the specialist levels of care it requires are at the very heart of the Integreater range of inter-related modules.

The Stock Module has evolved over the years to become a powerful tool, enabling a remarkable level of accuracy and ease in all areas of stock management: intake, raw materials, work in progress, finished and dry goods, shelf and least life validation, soft allocation etc. It can be updated via a range of devices which work wirelessly to record data in real time, such as touchscreens and PDAs.

The Result

The relevance and reliability of stock inventory data is upgraded, as is the process of its collection. Users can validate stock by scanning pallet and item barcodes, making better use of labour resources.

Integreater® Tracker provides an instant view of on-hand stock, available stock, stock shelf life status: you know the exact age of all stock and where it is. This enhanced ease and accuracy of stock management delivers significant time and cost savings allowing our customers to improve output.

Major Benefits

  • continuous stock location control
  • single or multi warehouse visibility
  • real-time stock availability
  • simple location of stock
  • analysis to case level within location
  • links to OCM. scanners & touchscreens
  • colour coded ‘Use By’ alerts
  • full stock take facilities
  • drill down on key columns
  • hyperlink reporting
  • data export facility
  • feature level access control
  • view by status
  • multiple authorisation levels
  • forecast inclusion
  • full auditing capability

In Line Stock Booking

Our Auto Stock Booker solution can save you time and money. Linking to a fixed scanner at the end of your production line we can book your products directly into stock as they are coming off the production/packing line. All the items which are scanned into stock using the Auto Stock Booker are recorded in our database, along with the time at which they were scanned. This data can be captured and reported on, to provide an overview across the day, creating a pictorial view of an otherwise unseen key performance indicator. Data such as this, when looked at for longer periods of time (days, weeks, etc) can then be used to identify areas for continuous improvements in your processes.

What is a ‘Tracker’

A Tracker is a web based tool for system users to view data from anywhere using an internet connection.

  • can be used to review business performance whilst away from the office/site.
  • interface offers an unparalleled method of real time data visibility.
  • up to the second updates keep the user informed of exactly what is happening.
  • most of this information is available on one screen, thus saving time in navigating through pages and pages worth of data.
  • data can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ so that further analysis can be carried out.

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