Integreater – designed for the way your business works

We’re often asked how Integreater and SI differ from the mainstream MES and ERP providers. Of course, there are many planning systems offered by IT services companies, who will customise the software for sectors that they are serving.

These systems are well-established, functionally rich back-office systems; but, consider these potential pitfalls:

  • Mainstream MES and ERP systems will inevitably fall short of your shop floor and specialist perishable food produce requirements.
  • They are unlikely to be able to cope with the specific shop floor data capture and real-time information requirements, faced by the food production industry, without significant modification.

Integreater is purely designed for the perishable food production environment – it’s the only industry that we deal with as it’s the industry that our company was born from. That’s how the combination of our software and our team of specialists has resulted in a world class solution. It’s also the reason why we’ve forged so many long-term customer relationships over our 25 year heritage.

Integreater provides everything you need to manage your processes – from factory through to order completion and despatch. It provides a live view of scheduling, with dynamic planning, as well as the production progress.

With Integreater’s flexibility in place, your operations can:

  • set up the solution to complement your current production operation rather than have to adapt your systems or processes to another system’s design;
  • review real-time data capture across your processes and gain full traceability;
  • make last minute changes, identify live issues and calculate the knock-on effects to production time and lines, raw materials, crew, packaging requirements and even vehicle departure times;
  • run cost modelling to work our profitability and understand which products you should produce, according to market fluctuations;
  • define your KPIs and monitor at every stage of production;
  • be assured that Integreater will grow with your business.

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