In the move towards Industry 4.0 ‘smart factories’ Richard Montgomery, sales director at Systems Integration (SI) is confident that, for food producers and manufacturers, the key to running a successful business is all about having the right information at hand to make decisions that have a positive commercial impact.

The golden rule is to ensure quality order fulfilment, whilst achieving the best margin and yield from raw materials.

Richard Montgomery, Sales Director at Systems Integration

Achieving this now and into an Industry 4.0 future is all about how the industry becomes smarter; but you can only think smarter if you have the knowledge and tools in which to educate those individuals and businesses that impact your overall performance.

This is why it’s so important for businesses to develop a roadmap that not only boost the role of IT and technology, but also encourages visionary thinking across the business, supply chain and customer groups.

Smart factories need real-time data

For a factory to be considered as ‘smart’, it requires a step change across productivity, processing and manufacturing, which can only be achieved through automation, the application of specialist food ERP and software and other technological innovations. Industry 4.0 isn’t just for large manufacturers, the advantages will be beneficial to SMEs as well.

Like most things, this relates to a cultural shift to an innovation and information sharing culture. Smart means making decisions based on fact and through the collection, sharing and real-time action taking that data can deliver. Real-time is the foundation for Systems Integration’s food ERP and all its specialist modular software.

When food processing facilities are joined up by real-time shop floor data, the result will be higher productivity, much lower downtime and minimal wastage. A smart business is one that looks at its operations and identifies the key areas where investment can fuel growth and improve performance, whilst delivering the profits needed for a continuous development that works towards an Industry 4.0 strategy.