“Systems Integration understands how the meat industry works” DB Foods

Watch our video as Gary Smith, Finance Director at DB Foods, explains why Systems Integration was the best match for their business.

Established in 1991, DB Foods is one of the UK’s leading wholesalers. It has a renowned track record in providing quality products, competitively priced, with an exceptional level of service. DB Foods supplies a comprehensive range of quality wholesale meat, poultry, game and deli products.

At its purpose build head office in Poole, its BRC ‘AA’ grade facilities include poultry and red meat cutting and boning plants, a retail hall, cold storage, together with its distribution and administration centre.

“Integreater was the outstanding candidate when we looked at the marketplace”

DB Foods uses the latest technology at throughout the plant and it selected Integreater to be deployed throughout the business. Now, Integreater manages its whole stock system, including both its wholesale and production activities. Gary Smith, Finance Director at DB Foods explained why:

“When we started our search for a solution, the challenge we faced was that nothing seemed to be tailored for our industry. When we met with Systems Integration (SI) and saw the product, we realised immediately that we didn’t have to develop our own product or spend heavily on integration; we could use the software that was already there and integrate with existing systems.

Integreater® was the outstanding candidate when we looked at the market place. The team understood our industry, understood the need to act quickly to our requirements, and were able to implement the software in a timely fashion.”

“The biggest challenge I thought we would face was the cultural challenge. People were used to doing things manually, but as the system is so well designed to work with how we work, that challenge was easily overcome.”
Gary Smith, Finance Director, DB Foods

One version of the truth

The software not only meets our expectations and delivers the information required; it also means we are now able to establish fully operational profit margins, our stock turnover, our stock availability and our stock traceability. We’ve now got one version of the truth; there’s now one place we can go to get all that information and it’s providing a more efficient way of working”.

“We are now able to establish fully operational profit margins, our stock turnover, our stock availability and our stock traceability.” Gary Smith, Finance Director, DB Foods.

Picking accuracy

“One of the additional benefits we’ve seen from the software is the accuracy of picking.” Now that DB Foods is  working within one system they’ve seen how:

  • customers are delivered the products that they’ve requested on time and to specification
  • the numbers of returns from customers have been significantly reduced
  • the requirement for customer credits, issued from our administration team, has also reduced.

“Overall, we believe it’s resulted  higher customer satisfaction”.

SI – our partner of choice

“We see our relationship with SI as a partnership.”

“The software covers the whole business and we’re quite a diverse business. It covers all aspects of wholesale, all aspect of production and we’re one of the largest wholesalers in the UK. To cope with all of that it needs to be a fully feature rich software – which it is. It’s all there.” Gary Smith, Finance Director, DB Foods.

“We wholeheartedly recommend SI. They understand our business, they understand our model, and they understand how the meat industry works. For us, it was an absolute no brainer that they should be our partner of choice.”




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