Integreater® at Icelandic Seachill

Icelandic Seachill is one of the UK’s leading fresh fish processors. Founded in Grimsby in 1998 it forms part of global entity, Icelandic Group. Spanning 5,500²m, its factory is believed to be one of the most advanced in Europe and processes orders for some of the UK’s largest retailers.

Sustainability is critical for Icelandic Seachill and the company works exclusively with suppliers with access to MSC-certified seafood or those in fisheries improvement programmes. Its systems need to ensure traceability of produce back from its factories to the farm or the boats that supplied the fish.

The 100% traceability imperative

Every day, Icelandic Seachill is responsible for processing and packing thousands of product units, including for its product brand “The Saucy Fish Company”, the and each has very specific label data requirements. As for all fish and seafood processors, Icelandic Seachill has to comply with both legislative requirements for traceability information and the latest Fish Labelling Regulations that specify the information that needs to be declared on retail packs.

Angela Simpson, Technical Systems Manager at Icelandic Seachill, explained its importance to the business: “100% traceability is essential in order to meet requirements set by retailers, the government and our affiliations to best practice schemes. Failure to ensure accurate label data can be devastating to a business and may ultimately lead to an emergency product recall, fines, damaged customer relationships and reputation damage through press coverage”.

With Integreater’s unique run marker codes in place,  the complete product journey can be easily traced from its ocean of origin, right through to the supermarket shelf.

In 2009, to ensure that the processes and governance were always in place to meet its stringent legislative and customer requirements, Seachill invested in Integreater® from Systems Integration. Integreater® has been programmed to optimise Seachill’s traceability for its purchasing, goods received and packing operations. It works by ensuring that any produce which enters the factory has a unique code called a ‘run marker’. This means that the complete product journey can be easily traced from its ocean of origin, right through to the supermarket shelf.

“I would recommend Integreater to other food processing businesses as its OCMs are unique, as they operate in isolation.  This allows individual stations to function, even if there is a network problem.”
Steve Wallace, IT Manager, Icelandic Seachill.

Labelling compliance assured with Integreater

Integreater® considerably reduces the risk of inaccurate labelling, as it features a series of ‘safety nets’ which immediately alert operators to any errors. As legislation changes and has to be adhered to, Integreater® keeps up and ensures Icelandic Seachill’s labelling remains compliant.

“The touchscreen technology is easy to use and takes less than 10 minutes to train operating staff. This minimises disruption and increases efficiency, which is vital to the productivity of any business.”
Steve Wallace, IT Manager, Icelandic Seachill.

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