Purchase Order Processing

Our Purchase Order Processing (POP) software application suite has been specifically designed to meet the challenges of the food productivity environment. The functionality has been recently extended and now, as well as providing the ability to create standard purchase orders for raw materials and dry goods items, the interface also offers:

  • Colour codes status indicators
  • Generic and supplier prices
  • Copy order
  • Chase dates
  • Draft Purchase Orders
  • Emailing of Purchase Orders direct to suppliers
  • Auto Complete on full receipt
  • Min and Max stock levels display
  • Current On hand Stock Levels per area
  • Re-order levels
  • Purchase Order templates

When used in combination with Integreater’s Stock and Order solution, the purchase order processing module will register any shortfalls in raw material or packaging and automatically generate the necessary purchase orders.


The software will create your GRN’s automatically for you. These can be accessed directly through the Purchase Order Detail screen and even through reports in our Sequel Server Reporting Menu. GRN’s are created per PO and per day although the system does allow for new GRN’s to be created if the operator chooses.


In addition to the Purchase Order and Goods Received Note there are many reports which provide summaries and analysis on purchases by area, product, suppliers, date ranges and reports which highlight differences against your standards as set up in your Bill of Materials enabling you to keep control of your prices.


The Purchase Order Processing application is easy to learn and use. If you are looking for purchasing software which will enhance your administrative function in this department then look no further. It works alongside our Purchase Order Receipt Scanner application and Stock and Order application for complete integration.

Purchase Order Receipt

Available for use on either a touchscreen or a handheld scanner, our Purchase Order Receiving applications allow for fast, accurate and user friendly interfaces.

Purchase Order Receiving on the Touchscreen

The screen below shows our Purchase Order Intake touchscreen application. Nearly all of the controls you can see on the screen are configurable depending upon the type of operation you have. Options can be switched on or off through a configuration screen and the fields can be prompted for automatically by simply tapping the “Update” button and any information which has not been supplied which needs to be will be asked for.

Notice, the buttons, fields and data within the fields is highly visible and accessible for screen taps for operators on a factory floor where gloves may be being worn.

Purchase Order Receiving on the Hand Scanner

In addition to being able to receive items for which Purchase Orders have been raised on the touchscreen, items such as raw materials (using an EAN128 barcode) and any Dry Goods items can be received using our Purchase Order Receipt application for the handheld scanner.

Using the handheld scanner for raw material receipt allows each case scanned to be recorded as a seperate item and the weight, pack date and product are all stored instantaneously. The scanner will allow for the selection of Purchase Orders to receive against and even allow items to be moved from one Purchase Order to another if a mistake has been made. This forward thinking technology and functionality is the culmination of many years experience, working alongside operators in warehouses and finding out exactly what was on the wishlist.

Dry Goods Receiving on the Hand Scanner

Purchase Order Processing can create a purchase order receipt which can be scanned against when Dry Goods items are received. This is because we create our own barcodes for Dry Goods items due to the nature of the packaging industry. This makes it easy to receive a delivery of items. Simply locate the item on the receipt, scan the barcode on the receipt and enter the quantity in the Unit of Measure of your choice and that’s it! What could be easier?

Your on hand stock is immediately updated and items are then ready to be issued to production, thus keeping track of usage.


Our Purchase Order Processing suite of applications is not only comprehensive but is also suited to any industry be it food related or not. The learning curve is slight yet the benefits are huge.

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