Catering butchers – software designed for how your business runs every day

From managing boxes of primals, carcasses or factored goods through to proof of delivery against sales orders, SI’s Integreater software with its in-built flexibility, supports catering butchers across the UK.

At SI, we’ve applied our in-depth knowledge of this sector and specifically designed our software for this fast-moving catering industry, where traceability and customer service are key.

Automate your processes and excel every day

If your catering butcher business is reliant on manual processes, you will be all too familiar with the impact human error can have on your operations.

When high product proliferation and 1000s of orders are the challenges that your business faces each day, SI’s software will provide you with everything you need to manage your processes, including:

Accurate intake, managed in minutes with barcode technology
Dashboards to view all stock in real-time
Purchase order processing
Integrated sales order processing
Production management and monitoring of butchery operations
Recipe control and added value production
Cost modelling
Automated proof of delivery, to directly inform invoicing
Fool-proof 'right first time' picking, packing and despatch
Analysis of supplier and production performance

And, as being able to manage your customer relationships is key, our software will provide you with detailed profiles and the ability to analyse any changes in typical order volumes.

Explore our specialist software and already implemented within some of the country’s most renowned catering butchers.

And, if you’re a catering butcher and would like to discuss how SI’s software and expertise will help you to improve efficiency, call 01543 444 555 to talk to one of our experts or email

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Planning and management
Stock and orderForecastingPlanning & managementDry goods managementYield & giveaway
With Stock & Order, visualise your current and future raw material stock positions. Through the dashboard see, in real-time, sales order demand, stock to be received, use by dates, levels and expiration.
Our Forecasting software predicts demand based on sales data, which is continuously measured to ensure the most accurate forecasting. It can take into account the effects of promotional activity and cannibalisation. For example: if sirloin steaks are on promotion, Integreater will automatically predict the impact that this will have on sales of rump steak.
Gain a real-time view of scheduling, dynamic planning and  make last minute changes, no matter when they happen during the day with our software. Identify live issues and calculate the knock-on effects to production time and lines, raw materials, crew, packaging requirements and even vehicle departure times.
Our software accounts for existing stock position and forecasted deliveries for dry goods. It also uses expected finished goods sales to predict ongoing requirements. Integreater® allows operators to issue product in real time, so that stock is displayed online. In addition, the stock take facility can be implemented to create weekly usage figures. Multiple warehouses, locations and sites are also catered for – including product transfers.
Our Yield and Giveaway Manager applications measures yield for your entire product rage accounting for all variants and complexities. It allows you to set yield specifications for each and every product. It measures performance by comparing actual results against these criteria, and immediately alerting operators to any discrepancies. With a the real-time view of transactions provided by Yield Manager, companies can identify where profit and loss is being made, whether on individual or grouped items. Any inefficiencies can be immediately targeted, including any individual errors that may have occurred whilst issuing and returning raw materials to different groups and areas.