Simplify your raw material intake with barcode technology

We know how time-consuming raw material intake is, especially if re-labelling is required. That’s why SI has developed a robust modular intake solution for catering butchers, that makes the most of barcode technology.

In collaboration with industry leaders, we’ve produced user-friendly technology that:

  • Tackles all basic stock intake
  • Decodes supplier labels upon arrival
  • Handles mixed pallet meat inventory and eliminates the need to re-label every box within it
  • Automatically books carcasses and products into relevant raw material chillers with each scan
  • Provides real-time visibility of your stock and full traceability.

Gain real-time visibility of intake and stock

Raw material intake is complex; every day presents the challenge of managing the sheer scale of delivery including everything from carcasses, primals, mixed pallets and factored goods.

For mixed meat pallets, most software systems will require each box to be relabelled, inevitably adding to the lead-times and complexity of the overall process. For instance, a mixed pallet could comprise crowns, breasts, thighs, and whole chickens – and each and every order will then have different quantities, sizes and kill date information that needs to be recorded.

Mixed pallet inventory management

We’ve simplified mixed pallet inventory. We’ve applied our know-how to eliminate the requirement to re-label every single box within your mixed pallets.

Our specialist barcode application simply scans and logs all details, including:

  • Product description and code
  • Information on locations for where each animal was born and reared
  • Slaughter location
  • Cut in, use by dates, and weights.

And, with each scan made, you can also book raw material into the relevant chillers. More than that, whenever an individual box barcode is scanned to production for issue, all information remains intact, including kill dates, age, weight and provenance.

And whilst your pallets are scanned in minutes, minimising operator error, you will also have the confidence of complete traceability and save valuable time in your overall daily process.

Intake management for overhead track scales

When hanging stock arrives at intake, we’ve also got that covered. Through use of our own stainless-steel and configurable touchscreens, combined with scale indicators and printers, simply select the relevant order and enter all mandatory trace and batch information.

As each carcass is weighed, and an individual label produced, it is booked into the chosen hanging location for stock.

Then, by using our handheld scanners, traceability is assured whenever carcasses are either moved to a different location or issued for cutting.

Stock control

Our easy to use stock control software is ideal for businesses with several locations for raw materials, WIP, finished goods and dry goods. View either your entire stock, or a particular area or category, such as stock by location, product code, life or age (maturation). And as stock is issue to production, all product information will be automatically pulled through with it, including batch number, product code, description and weight.

Then, when it comes to reporting, a range of standards stock or tailored reports can be generated on demand; for instance, reports that show stock valuation, stock by life, or stock at risk.

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