How can you spot if you’re going to lose a customer?

At SI we recognise from customer feedback that one of the biggest issues they have, is spotting when customer orders are changing slightly. With common sale practices to entice new customers with offers or trials of product lines, you need to be able to spot order and delivery trends quickly, to address any potential loss of customers.

With so many customer groups, orders, trends and seasons to deal with, understanding who is buying what, when and how fast they need their products is critical. You need data insights that will keep your sales team one step ahead of the competition and your catering butcher team informed.

With business insights delivered by one system from SI, you can:

  • Know your customers buying behaviours, spend, order cycle and product preferences
  • Detect changes in purchasing habits, for products or core lines, that could be the early indicators for a new supplier being trialled
  • Understand what products are trending
  • Fast-track customer shopping baskets, by managing complex orders and quantities with ease
  • Build customer sales and loyalty
  • Improve daily operations to deliver great service, every time
  • Spot opportunities to sell new product ranges to existing customers.
With SI insight in place, you can make every customer a priority
If you have 2,500 customers our system will show you which customers are spending the most, which ones have stopped spending, and where spending has dropped off for a particular product line. This analysis could indicate that a competitor has encouraged your customer to trial one of their lines.
 With SI insight within your catering butcher business, you can make every customer a priority.