Adjust your production in real-time

For catering butchers, nothing stays the same for long, with short notice order amendments the norm. As we know from visiting customer sites, adverse shop-floor issues, unless dealt with quickly, will have a negative impact on margins; the ability to adjust production in real-time is essential.

With the single view provided by our Integreater software, the same data that informs the adjustment in production, will also be captured to amend the sales orders.

Once you have all your orders, our system will convert these by product code, so you know exactly what needs to be produced from poultry to lamb, beef, pork and more. Your operations will always know what has to be cut every day or drawn down from stock to fulfil the orders, whilst real-time shop floor data capture tracks every step of the process.

Because you can also capture weight related data, including carcass intake, primal booking and residual products out, real-time reporting can be achieved on boning yield and mass balance.

How it works:

  • Outer Case Markers (OCMs) installed at each cutting block to weigh, book and label all prime and residual products
  • Based on sales orders, operators scan and issue carcasses or raw material to a block or production run
  • stock is issued to production, complete with all relevant information for butchers produce required prime cuts
  • The prime cuts and secondary trim are weighed on an OCM to establish yield and mass balance and calculate giveaway on fixed weight product and throughput (i.e. KG per min/hour)
  • As primals are issued to slicing, cutting yields are captured.
  • Quality and product consistency improves, through specification adherence and tighter controls.

OCMs will also monitor bacon processing, by recording weights in and out for mass balance, and analyses residual production per batch of raw material.

When it comes to managing production within catering butchers, Integreater provides everything needed to join up and improve processes; from detailed profiles and the ability to analyse any changes in typical order volumes, through to order completion and despatch.

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