Manage your bespoke cutting process with SI

Most catering butchers manage a bespoke cutting department to handle the small but highly varied customer orders. Whilst this may represent a small percentage of overall business, it’s essential to satisfy customer order requirements. 

Catering butcher cutting meat at the butchery using a machine

Systems Integration has designed software that governs the bespoke cutting process and helps your skilled butchers by displaying all orders that need to be produced, complete with product specifications and cutting sheets.

As the plan is displayed at the butchery station, butchers can view giveaway, throughput and yield. They can also review product and preparation specifications. Once prime products and trim are finished, they are ready to be labelled.

Track yield, giveaway and productivity with our mobile butchery station

Our latest development has been designed to track giveaway on each product, report on yield and mass balance and even provide data on the speed of each butcher. We’ve developed a mobile butchery station, comprising our own stainless-steel touchscreen and printer.

The butchery station is designed to track yield, mass balance, productivity and giveaway on your cutting lines.

From the touchscreen, you can:

  • select the plan for the day, which details various products to be cut.
  • Based on orders received, converted by product codes, the plan can be broken down by each butcher on the cutting line.
  • Scan the meat and issue to relevant butchers
  • Subsequently weigh and label products, at either the case level or after cutting at product level.

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