One, two, three… meat wholesale stock availability

At Systems Integration, we see stock control for meat wholesalers and catering butchers as a three-step process:

  1. Raw material. Carcasses, primals, mixed primals and processed goods – procurement, intake and stock control all managed in real-time.
  2. Work in progress. With complete visibility across production, know what stock is available to make finished goods, what your WIP position is and, when orders change, the adjustments to make.
  3. Finished goods. Be in control to meet demand and always know what products you have as finished goods, whilst preventing stock going out of date, shorting orders, or even being destroyed.
Stock Tracker, from SI, showing raw material availability

Systems Integration works with catering butchers and meat wholesalers throughout the UK – from the Highlands to South Downs, Manchester to London, including at the famous Smithfield Market.

Using our knowledge, from boning hall to finished steak, we’ve customised our stock control software to meet your daily challenges. Our software can provide you with transparency across your business operations, from:

  • sales orders or sales forecasts
  • through to stock control
  • and actual requirements for the raw material stock that’s needed to fulfil customer orders.

By combining this information with our easy sales analysis reporting, you’ll be able to drill down to see the detail on what products are selling, who’s buying, and for what price.

In real-time, our system highlights any raw materials in danger of running out and whenever stock needs to be reordered.

By working with SI, your business will always understand your exact stock position, what products are at risk of going off, and how you can cut down on waste.