Make sure your drivers never miss a delivery box with SI’s Proof of Delivery app

If you’re reliant on manually managing despatch and delivery, then these common issues may be very familiar occurrences within your operations:

  • Missed products off the order
  • Wrong products shipped
  • Products with incorrect dates
  • Shipped products but with the wrong quality
  • Customer credits issued to compensate for problems.

Cut the customer credits by up to 80% with SI

As most catering butchers now operate their own delivery vehicles, as soon as each customer order is fulfilled, Systems Integration has developed a way to scan your orders straight onto vehicles and to assigned routes.

As your drivers scan the boxes on to their individual routes, any missing cases will be identified, eliminating return pickup journeys. Upon arrival at each customer, all relevant boxes are scanned off vehicle and signed for.

Through the use of our mobile “Proof of Delivery” application, customers then sign for orders, to confirm they are happy with their delivery. This electronic confirmation automatically links to the invoice generation process.

By implementing this process, most customer credits can be eliminated.

If your business is within the challenging catering butchery and would like to discover how to improve pick, pack and despatch operations and how our Proof of Delivery app works, call 01543 444 555 to talk to one of our experts or email

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