How many credits do you give your customers every week that could be avoided?

At Systems Integration, we’ve worked hard to find ways to overcome the daily challenges within order picking and despatch of catering boxes.  In collaboration with leading catering butchers, we’ve developed a solution that cuts credits by removing human error and ensuring what’s ordered is delivered.

We’ve integrated barcode technology throughout the production, pick, pack and despatch cycle to provide the assurance that what’s being delivered will be correct and will match your sales orders.

Despatch Tracker from SI cuts credits by removing human error and ensuring what’s ordered is delivered.

With SI’s Despatch Tracker managing your picking and despatch:

  • Picking staff can scan each product or pack into the catering box itself and know when the collated order can be registered as 100% complete
  • Automatically produce case end labels for each box, comprising customer details, addresses, and other specific details, such as brand related information
  • Have access to real-time shop-floor data, to provide a customer with all the evidence needed to prove traceability.
Select, scan and validate

Our easy-to-use order collation app is designed to manage picking within a high product proliferation environment. With pickers following a logical staged process, they simply need to:

  • Select the order
  • Scan all products to the box
  • Press “end box” to produce and print a case end label for the specific customer and everything that has been scanned into that box.

Not only will you know that all products have been scanned into the box but key details, such as dates, will automatically be validated.

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