Cheese traceability the way you need it

SI’s cheese traceability software uses real-time electronic data capture, to ensure complete visibility. It reduces the recording errors that are typical in manual paper based systems.

The UK dairy industry is committed to delivering safe, wholesome and high quality milk and dairy products to customers. It’s a highly regulated market with complex legislation that needs to be demonstrated across the supply chain.

Traceability is becoming equally important for consumers; with a wealth of choice in the cheese aisles at the supermarkets, today’s shoppers are increasingly differentiating their choice by checking the environmental and green credentials for products.

Regrade and automatically update your product codes

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Our cheese traceability software has been developed purely for the cheese makers and producers. Electronic data capture not only ensures complete visibility and traceability, but reduces recording errors typical in manual paper based systems. With Integreater in place, the end to end process will be tracked; it’s even clever enough to show the detail of different milk types, how long the products have been stored and distinguish when your products are vegetarian cheeses.

When changes need to be applied to all products within a batch, this is governed through automatic updates. For instance, when an item is re-graded from mild to medium, Integreater® changes all the product codes within the batch accordingly, whilst maintaining all the original batch data. The solution also provides the flexibility for authorised staff to add and record ad-hoc information whenever necessary.

When an item is re-graded from mild to medium, Integreater® changes all the product codes within the batch and maintains all the original batch data.

To minimise errors in recording grading data, category options are limited to the particular product in process. For example, the available choices for a cheddar will be restricted to the grade, sub-grade and age of that type of cheese. And when operators need to access information such as starter culture – Integreater® enables them to do so within seconds, eliminating the need to refer to reams of paperwork.

With Integreater® food productivity software in place at your dairy, traceability from raw materials to the supermarket will be straightforward and wastage will be minimised. You will have the level of transparency and traceability to meet the exacting standards required from supermarkets and other suppliers.