Fish and seafood processing software to manage intake to retail pack

Systems Integration works with many of the most prominent UK fish retail pack companies to help them keep close control of their raw material, processing, WIP, quality and traceability. We’ve been chosen time and again because Systems Integration understands the industry challenges, complexities of traceability and regulation placed upon fish and seafood companies.

That’s why in your industry, only software that is designed for the way fish processing works, will enable you to demonstrate integrity across every part of your supply chain, and provide the assurance to your customers of food that they can trust.Specialist fish and seafood processing software and ERP developed by Systems IntegrationYour customers need to be confident that your fish and seafood will always meet their individual specifications, comply with the agreed labelling requirements, and that you will have enough daily stock to meet their orders. From how, where and when catch was made, through to all stages of production, processing and distribution – everything needs to be tracked. This is why specialist software that can cope with the challenges of fish and shellfish processing is critical.

“Integreater allows staff, from the factory floor to the board room, to quickly run real-time reports, maximising their chances of identifying and rectifying any problems as soon as they arise.”
Icelandic Seachill.

Integreater® has been designed with these challenges in mind. It’s a proven solution for the fish & seafood processing sector with an unrivalled combination of features and functionality to provide data-rich, real-time information for every stage of your production.

From catch to consumer, SI’s fish and seafood processing software will help your business thrive, whatever your challenges may be.