Fish and seafood traceability assured for every stage of production

Integreater has been designed with your traceability challenges in mind.

It’s a proven solution for the fish & seafood sector with an unrivalled combination of features and functionality to provide data-rich, real-time information for every stage of your production.

At SI (Systems Integration) we’ve spent many years devising solutions for the fish & seafood sector and developing a deep understanding of the production processes. We understand the level of detail that needs to be recorded and made available throughout the production supply chain, and we’ve used this knowledge to hone our Integreater software to your industry’s requirements.

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Integreater provides the critical fish and seafood traceability you need with real-time data capture – from how, where and when catch was made, through to all stages of production, processing and distribution. Specifics of lot numbers, fishing vessel names, aquaculture information, FAO species code, date of catch or period over which caught, quantity and production methods will all be tracked, each time and every time.

“Integreater works by capturing information throughout the process, giving us complete forward and backwards traceability. We now have the ability to find product history and information in seconds.”
JCS Fish

Real-time data delivers evidence based traceability

Due diligence and evidence based traceability is difficult to prove when there is a reliance on manual checks. The time and dates for checks cannot be guaranteed, and often paperwork is completed retrospectively. When quality assurance and traceability data is collected in real-time, the checks and balances can be clearly demonstrated; from the date and time data was collected, through to the ensuring all of your regulatory requirements and customer specifications are met.

At SI, we see traceability as a business opportunity rather than a necessary chore. With automatic data capture in place your business can quickly identify where any non-conformances are, flag them up for action and deal with them. You need integrity across every part of your supply chain, so that your customers are assured of food that they can trust. Your customers need to be confident that your products will always meet their individual specifications, comply with the agreed labelling requirements, and that you will have enough daily stock to meet their orders.

When everything needs to be tracked, Integreater provides the answer – every time. Integreater – fish and seafood traceability software specifically designed to meet the challenges of  your industry.