From batch issue to retail pack

After fish has been booked in against the supplier weight and labelled via our OCMs, our specialist software can improve fish processing management at every stage.

For retail pack fish, whenever the raw product needs to be issued, it’s booked against a production run at the OCM. One of the most important features of our fish processing software is that it only allows product to be booked to output if it is correct.

Batch management

Our OCMs manage more than just labels. It’s also managing the calculations based on the yield and to ensure that the batches are correctly changed. Whether you need to track by delivery or relatively small batches, the OCM monitors the batch prevents automatic overbooking and booking against the wrong production run. If a better yield has been achieved, a manual override can be made and recorded. With these checks and balances in place,  booking to production will always be done right first time, for auditing, traceability data will be robust and accurate.

Managing supply direct from boats

However, the biggest challenge is when the fish processors buy shipments straight off the back of the boats. The containers will comprise a mix of fish and other seafood, as well as ice and water. It’s too big a task for the fish processor to check through it in advance and any extra handling would damage the fish and delay processing.

Systems Integration has simplified the process into manageable and logical stages:

  • the total weight of the intake is booked in using our OCM as the fish is sorted
  • it’s keyed in via the OCM during processing
  • the detail is then uploaded to the purchase order, according to the filleted product.

Fish preparation

As the fish is issued for preparation, it’s de-headed, gutted and filleted. Other processes may include skinning, pin-boning, square cuts, dependent on what product is planned for the day. At this stage, our software captures the frame and trim weight in real-time.

Fish processing

Using our software, the tray (or kit) of mixed fillets is then booked as work in progress (WIP) and the actual weights of the fillets are captured (as opposed to original supplier weight). Then, the filleted product is issued to a production line.

Smoked fish
For specialist processes, such as smoked salmon, the trays of fillets are issued to the smoking process. Afterwards, the fillets are weighed and booked as a smoked product. Again, our cost modelling features a different yield for these smoked products due to the weight reduction. Click here to find out more about our unique cost modelling and yield management for fish and seafood processors.

At this point our software is keeping track of the balance for what’s been issued (using a trace ID) and the resulting weight after production, and after it’s been packed and sealed.

If the weight exceeds the expected amount then that’s when we stop production.

Retail pack

At the end of processing, when it is finished as a retail pack product, the end of line OCM will produce the final product label.