Software designed to work in harmony with your fresh produce business

SI (Systems Integration) has a deep understanding of the fresh produce sector and the problems that often occur during fruit and vegetable processing. That’s why Integreater, our fresh produce processing software, has been specifically developed to work with the perishable nature of these raw materials and short lead times.

Fo2017 increase in fresh produce firms valuer the fruit and vegetable industry, tight management of the supply chain and their choice of fresh produce processing software is crucial. Pressure on costs, impact of food safety laws and the inevitably short shelf life of the produce means that food processors need to have a clear view of all their business processes.

With our fresh produce software in place, processors and handlers can control the production seamlessly, whether it’s delivery of stock through to the final stages of production. Integreater ensures that the location of every item is precisely recorded, together with its current shelf life, throughout every part of the process.

Integreater’s specialist fresh produce capabilities cover:

  • production planning
  • raw material and packaging procurement planning
  • intake and QA
  • primary prepping/benching
  • yield tracking
  • WIP stocking
  • secondary processing/packing
  • finished good stock and labelling
  • Integration to specific 3rd party systems
  • picking and despatch
  • accounts integration

“We went through a vigorous systems selection process and felt that SI can provide our business with market-leading consultancy, services and solutions.”
Dean Fowler, General Manager, R&G Herbs

If you work within this challenging sector and would like to discuss ways to improve efficiency, call 01543 444 555 to talk to one of our food productivity experts or email to find out more about our fresh produce productivity software.