Mushroom Pick and Track Application

From understanding which trays have been completed by your pickers, labelling and weighing, assessing performance by picker, shed and by day, through to ensure employees are accurately reimbursed for their work. Systems Integration’s Mushroom Pick and Track application has been developed to address the operational challenges faced by mushroom growers every day.

If your mushroom business is reliant on manual processes, you will be all too familiar with the impact human error can have on your operations. Our pick, price and track application will provide you with everything you need to manage your processes including:

  • Unique labels generated for each picker for application to their individual trays
  • Barcode handheld devices for supervisors
  • Real-time dashboards that display and inform employees on performance by picker, shed or bunker, and daily comparison
  • Offline capability to ensure data is always collected, no matter whether your bunker is connected or not
  • Analysis of picker performance and accurate piece rate pay due to each employee.
  • Verification that knives are correctly tracked and managed; detailed reporting available on demand to provide evidence, traceability and prevent mishandling of knives by employees.
  • Data and reporting to help supervisors identify and restrict any employee misconduct.

With Pick and Track you will always know which one of your employees has picked which tray of products. Our software generates unique labelling for each picker to fix to their individual trays and with our Outer Case Marker (OCM) in place, the label’s details and tray weight can be automatically captured. And as the data is uploaded and collated, your pickers will be assured that their work will be properly compensated and accurately reflected in their weekly pay.

Check out our video so find out how SI is helping R&G Herbs meet the challenges of traceability in the fresh produce sector:



Streamline your bunker management

Our efficient barcode technology streamlines processes and lead-times, no matter how complex your operations may be. User-friendly handheld devices will enable your supervisors to scan labels, select relevant products and quantities, and automatically update each label’s barcode.

In addition to being an extremely efficient way to way your mushroom bunkers, barcode technology also eliminates deliberate mislabelling of products and trays by employees.

The pick, and track application can be further enhanced through integration with other SI modules designed to manage raw marketing stock, issue to production, traceability, despatch tracking, weighing and labelling.

At SI, all our software is designed purely for the food production sector. As a team, we apply our in-depth knowledge of the industry to develop clever applications that solve challenges that our customers face every day. Our Mushroom pricing, pick and track application is just one example of our know-how in action.