Automate your abattoir grading station

Management of a grading station within the kill line process can be significantly improved by the application of specialist automation software. Our abattoir grading station application is highly configurable and can be tailored to an abattoir’s specific working practices.

Our  grading station application is designed for:

  • integration with an abattoir’s wider computer systems, to connect with everything from traceability software to the site’s booking and scheduling systems.
  • fast and intuitive use by operators
  • connection to two separate scales and automatic weight collection
  • attachment to various printers to allow for different label stock according to varied species, carcass types, specifications and ages.
  • use to re-grade carcasses from previous dates, ensuring consistent standards and the ability to quickly resolve any disputes with suppliers. This feature is fully audited and automatically alerts the operator by displaying a visual red warning screen whenever working on a date other than the current one.

More than this, data can also be shared with FSA (Food Standards Agency) and screens within the abattoir, capturing information both ante-mortem and post-mortem.

How auto-specification works within a grading station

When an animal reaches the abattoir grading station a profile will be set up to denote:

  • weight, grade and age
  • number of movements
  • type of animal (i.e. steer, heifer, young bull).

When you need to fulfil daily orders according to customer profiles, designation or destination code, our grading station software automatically checks which animals match the specifications.

Planning an upgrade to your livestock operations?

If you are considering an upgrade to your existing livestock systems, our food productivity experts are here to help. We already supply some of the largest meat producers in the UK with reliable and state of the art Livestock Systems.