Automate your lairage management records

SI’s specialist software automates the lairage management process, by capturing and storing this critical information within a single database.

From the time livestock arrives at an abattoir, comprehensive information about health, welfare and traceability needs to be collected.  Our lairage management software has been specifically designed to manage this process and collects data in real-time from the abattoir site server’s bookings table. Operators can either enter or scan livestock passports, then validate and record those details within the database*.

Movement reporting

Cattle movements can also be recorded through our lairage management software. Livestock movement records are also captured by scanning and welfare information recorded. The data is then automatically sent through to the BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) via the CTS Online Web Service. Results are collected and any errors are available for viewing within our livestock tracker system allowing you to maintain accurate records.

The details by the lairage management software are then passed through to stations further along the kill line process, including:

*The lairage management software from SI runs on a PC and writes its data to a local SQL database.