Livestock ordering point software

The Livestock Ordering Point is used in our Cattle kill line system to ensure that animals are introduced to the slaughter process in order. This station creates the unique kill number for each animal and passes this information to the subsequent stations down the line.

The Livestock ordering point application usually runs on one of our own touchscreens, which has been specifically designed to be located in environments not suited to standard office-based computers.

Here’s how it works:

  • animals are viewed on the screen, as a whole batch; or
  • touchscreens can be configured to show only the next animal in the lot
  • providing animal have not reached any of the stations further down the line they can be backed out allowing mistakes to be easily corrected
  • the ear-tag search facility can also be used to find specific ear-tags when there are many in a lot. This helps to avoid mis-selection, reducing errors that often show up later in the process, and saving time in rectifying mis-identifications.

Planning an upgrade?

If you are planning an upgrade to your existing livestock systems we would like you to give us a call so we can talk to you about our systems. We already supply some of the largest meat processors in the UK, USA and Canada with reliable and state of the art Livestock Systems.