Does your veterinary data stand up to scrutiny?

Every abattoirs is obliged to collect veterinary data as part of the kill line process. When the abattoir buys livestock, each consignment will be inspected upon arrival by a vet to ensure the animals are healthy and fit to go down the kill line. If any health problems are identified, such as liver fluke, this information has to be recorded against a particular animal within the lot. As a consequence, whenever offal is condemned, both the value of the animal and what’s saleable will be reduced.

Many abattoirs are still rely on manual data recording, followed by vets rekeying information into the FSA’s database at the end of each week. Inevitably, this means that the abattoir doesn’t have an up to date view of health information as any one time. They may not even understand how many cases of liver fluke there has been until their vet or the FSA tells them.

To resolve this, our screens automatically record veterinary conditions so management always have an accurate view of health data. Abattoirs are able to view exactly which cattle have been affected by liver fluke or other conditions, as well as which farm the animals have come from. This traceability allows management to easily see who their best farmer producers are.

Our vet screens also generate and email reports to your management team. Simply tell us what information you would like to receive, who needs to receive it and when.

Major benefits

  • reduce admin
  • complete visibility
  • assess farmer performance
  • reduction in paper based systems
  • condition reporting
  • reduction in vet fees