Automated livestock bookings and scheduling

SI has developed our livestock bookings application to be intuitive for anyone familiar with MS Explorer to automate this critical stage within the abattoir.

The livestock bookings application is designed to sit within the main livestock server and to be accessible by operators at each site via Terminal Services.  When batches of cattle arrive at the abattoir from farms and producers, lots are created and livestock are assigned a time slot.

Manage booking information across multi-site operations

Bookings are created within the main Livestock SQL Server database. For multi-site operations the bookings table is replicated using SQL Server replication to other remote site servers (DBS Servers) so that the data is consistently available and accessible by the
lairage management, touch panel, OTM stations and grading station at each site.

Once the bookings have been placed on the system, they can be viewed within the application in a diary view format, via a report from the Livestock Bookings application or through the Abattoir Bookings page in the livestock tracker application.

Livestock bookings can be made as far in advance as required using our application.

Managing your kill schedule through diary view

When you want an instant way to organise your bookings into time slots, the application provides a diary view. Using this view, you can manage a sequential time slot introduction of livestock to the slaughter process. The diary view also allows for more than one booking to be allocated to the same time slot.

Key information is displayed within diary view’s booking bar including lot number, quantity of animals booked in, supplier/producer code, supplier/producer name, first line of address.