Livestock Sampling Station

Record sample numbers, produce pot labels and data with our livestock sampling station software and touchscreen.

The livestock sampling station is used in our Cattle kill line system to record sample numbers, produce pot labels and the data needed to be transferred to the laboratory. Data is fed to this station from the Ordering Point so that the animals show up in the correct order.

At the livestock sampling station, the screen can be configured to show only the next animal to be sampled or all those which have been ordered.

The application is simple to use and runs on one of our own touchscreens so no mouse or keyboard is required. The number of labels printed can be set by the operator and the ability to reprint labels is simply a case of touching the eartag number for any that have already been selected and sampled.

Planning an upgrade?

If you are planning an upgrade to your existing livestock systems we would like you to give us a call so we can talk to you about our systems. We already supply some of the largest meat processors in the UK, USA and Canada with reliable and state of the art Livestock Systems.