Achieve real-time data capture for stun monitor information

Integreater’s livestock suite provides comprehensive real-time data capture for ever stage of your abattoir processes, including the stun monitor.

SI’s stun monitor application captures both the details for each electrical contact and also displays this information in real-time, as the stun is occurring. As each animal is stunned, Integreater records the signals and displays the data, including information on the duration and power of each stun, which is then measured against acceptable standards.

Key features of the stun monitor include:

  • multi-species abattoir function: beef, lamb
  • promotes consistent animal handling practices
  • measure actual against standards
  • immediate notification of results
  • comprehensive stun point data
  • data recorded and displayed in real time
  • helps assurance of welfare standards
  • provides comprehensive audit data.

Transparent and accurate reporting

Data for each stun contact point is analysed, before being given a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ rating. In addition to the pen operator immediately understanding whether the stun was deemed a pass or a fail, the results are stored within a database to enable easy reporting. Abattoirs are then able to provide reports detailed information on their livestock handling, particularly any data that will assist with audits.

Operators can readily report on the various criteria for each kill number, including information on the current and duration for each contact point. Reports can be produced for single or multiple data ranges.  As each individual piece of data capture is given a pass or fail status, this information is clearly displayed on the report, any failures against standards are clearly denoted.

Demonstrate conformance to achieve Halal approval

Stunning has now become an accepted pre-requisite to slaughter for both the Halal Food Authority and UK Halal Corporation. Processors have to demonstrate that stuns are consistently delivered within agreed parameters and ensure that only healthy animals that meet the requirements of halal meat are slaughtered. Our stun monitor enables processors to submit relevant data to both organisations, to demonstrate compliance with their assurance standards.