Value added and recipe control

When recipe control is important to your business, transparency is essential.
In this highly regulated market only a specialist software solution, tailored to your requirements, will provide the complete visibility and flexibility you require every day for your value added and recipe control management.

Our recipe control module within Integreater provides everything you need to control value added meat production.  Integreater controls all of your product recipe ingredients, WIP stages and provides full traceability to prove to retailers that all content is correct. In contrast to mainstream ERP back office driven solutions, our value added and recipe control solution has been created purely  for the food industry, driven by shop floor data capture.

With Integreater at the heart of your operations, you will be able to:

  • map out all your recipe managed products through cost modelling
  • see how to make products, even when not all ingredients are available, and determine what price your business needs to sell products at to make a profit
  • hold BOM information within cost modelling and all product relationships
  • manage both reduction specification products and combination/recipe product
manage tolerances of ingredients and WIP stock lists, even when production is already underway
  • create works orders to make blends and WIP batches, that can be generated via production planning
  • tracked everything; from raw materials, costs, WIP through to finished goods and packaging for traceability and accuracy
  • manage tolerances of ingredients and WIP stock lists, even when recipe production is already underway
  • have the ability to scan and issues batches of ingredients/raw materials, on the shop floor, to works orders and maintain traceability – tracked and reported on in real-time
  • verify that your operators are adding the right quantities (via scale link) and right product codes
  • produce WIP stock with real-time visibility and track short list WIP stock that is processed using recipes and needs to be used with 24 hours.

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