Understand the commercial value of each product batch with Cost Modelling

We’ve spent 10 years developing and refining our cost modelling software for food processors. This work has produced a powerful application that allows you to understand the implications of decisions before you act on them.

Our cost modelling software provides detailed category attributes for product types and target margins. It mimics the expectation for product as it is processed and then compares to reality.

Understand the best/worst margins for all products and the implications of decisions before you act on them.

With a clear view of costs, your operations will understand the best and worst margins for all products.

Integreater’s modelling tool provides a detailed breakdown of costs, automating calculations to ensure that processors have continuous, accurate and up-to-date information.

Product specific benchmarks can also be set to measure and compare results against. This helps processors to avoid overspending, allowing them to understand if and where they can make cost savings.

The result

Management gain complete understanding and control of all their costs. They are able to identify where they are making profit or loss and understand the reasons why. This is an essential tool for businesses operating in an industry renowned for price-based fluctuations and notoriously tight profit margins.