Purchase Order Processing

Need complete visibility of your orders?

Our Purchase Order Processing (POP) software is designed purely for the challenges of the food productivity environment and provides complete visibility of what is being ordered throughout your operations. When used in combination with Integreater’s Stock and Order solution, the purchase order processing module will register any shortfalls in raw material or packaging and automatically generate the necessary purchase orders.

Paper based purchase order systems are time consuming and susceptible to error and duplication, particularly when department place orders separately. And without complete visibility, accurately verifying deliveries at good-in is unnecessarily complex.

The solution

Integreater® uses electronic data management to centralise your purchase order function. Operators are able to match deliveries against invoices and accurately check what should have been received. This saves a great deal of time and significantly improves accuracy.

Businesses are also able to centrally manage the prices that they pay for raw materials and packaging, as well as any goods received notes.

With recently enhancements, as well as providing the ability to create standard purchase orders for raw materials and dry goods items, the interface also offers:

  • Colour codes status indicators
  • Generic and supplier prices
  • Copy order
  • Chase dates
  • Draft Purchase Orders
  • Emailing of Purchase Orders direct to suppliers
  • Auto Complete on full receipt
  • Min and Max stock levels display
  • Current On hand Stock Levels per area
  • Re-order levels
  • Purchase Order templates

The result

Integreater® creates an organised purchase order function that ensures complete visibility for staff across all departments. Buyers have more control over the purchasing process and operations staff have the visibility they need to optimise productivity.

Download Purchase Order Processing factsheet