Intuitive sales order management

Our flexible Sales Order Processing (SOP) system has the comprehensive functionality that you would expect from an SI product, build for the food production industry. 

The dynamic menu driven system adapts to whatever task the user is performing, displaying only those options applicable to the items that are being manipulated.  SOP can also be customised according to role based or individual application permissions.

Just some of the features of our SOP software:
  • Create and modify customer records and contact details
  • CRM feature for your sales team to track and schedule events, calls and timings of orders.
  • Manage customer hierarchies, including group, master and delivery points
  • Product information
  • Comprehensive pricing, including by stock code, standard and promotional pricing. This feature also handles offset weeks, where the customer pricing week does not coincide with the supplier pricing week.
  • Template driven orders. Users can easily generate orders containing delivery details, stock lines, comments and date offsets. Existing template orders can be set to automatically update from any altered order.
  • Generate orders and standing orders, created either manually or via EDI, driven by the customer record based rules.
  • Despatches either handled by linking to despatch scanning so that order can be fulfilled and released for shipment, or manually processed.
  • Proof of Delivery (POD) can been added to the despatch prior to invoicing. For any items rejected and returned by customers, book back into stock and automatically record each item.
  • Invoicing.  SOP calculates the total value of invoice based on stock pricing, relevant taxes and any miscellaneous charges created on the order. The editable invoices also include the option to include credit and debit notes. It can be configured for multi-currency.
  • Permission based. Show, hide or lock off as read-only any information based on user permissions.
  • Multi-site option. Driven by permissions, access other sites using dropdown menu feature.
  • Tools taskbar. Again, based on permissions rules, access tools to view Despatch Tracker, the audit history, edit and administer emails, and export to CSV file.
  • Help menu with full systems documentation.